IOT And Advanced Analytics : High-Tech Manufacturing

Summary :

For high-tech manufacturers, the fundamental strategies for surviving and thriving hold true in spite of economic conditions. Companies have to be highly efficient to meet demand and supply requirements. Costs and resources have to be managed carefully and intelligently.

In order to be successful, high-tech manufacturers need access to critical information and visibility into how well the business, the market and the competitors are responding to today’s challenging and changing times. Staying ahead isn’t easy. Data pours in from multiple systems, divisions and regions, and it is more real-time than ever before.There is also more data today than there has ever been, with today’s “smart factories”. IT departments are challenged to provide solutions that enable productivity and agility in the face of market and consumer demands.

High-tech manufacturers need IT investments that will help them reengineer decision-making processes so management can gain rapid insight into the business, and people can make informed decisions. Companies need advanced analytics to gives clear, immediate and actionable insights into current performance and the ability to predict future outcomes