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Blockchain AI – Today, data remains in digital silos and there is no real incentive to share it. This results in the hoarding of consumer data by companies like Google, Facebook, Alibaba and Baidu. Presently, artificial intelligence (AI) platforms give power to those few organizations that process a bulk of the data. With an exponential rise in consumer data generated by sensors and other devices, a race has begun to get this data and capture it in distributed databases instead of digital silos. Blockchain is potentially the technological solution to enable this. A blockchain is a decentralized, public digital ledger that keeps track of cryptocurrency transactions in a chronological order. The most interesting part about blockchain is we can have factual data that can’t be altered. Consider AI technology that gets into blockchains of data to get information, to discover patterns, and develop insights according to patterns. Most predictions and patterns are more accurate as compared to the knowledge mining that AI performs now, which uses incomplete, missing data most of the time. Between blockchain and AI, the data is extensible and the fallible human elements are virtually eliminated.

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