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Machine Learning Consulting Services


We provide clients with end-to-end project expertise. You don’t have to invest in an extensive in-house data science team to deliver on your advanced analytics business needs. We deliver AI services encompassing the full lifecycle of your project. From specific use case strategy, design, development and model deployment to standard on-demand packaged deployment (automatic machine learning).

Value Proposition

The real value proposition of cognitive computing is embracing ontologies (domain of concepts) based upon open specifications as part of any cognitive solution. Government, academia and, most notably, the healthcare industry are actively embracing open standards ontology-based concepts through the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) Web Ontology Language (OWL) specifications. The Object Management Group (OMG), in conjunction with Enterprise Data Management Council (EDMC) has developed a Financial Industry Business Ontology (FIBO) based upon OWL in response to achieving data standards and model driven approach to regulatory compliance.


We provide artificial intelligence consulting and AI software development to startups and large enterprises. Startups and large enterprises face the same challenges planning new data initiatives – either they don’t have their own data science teams or their team is too small to cope with all the tasks in the environment of a fast-growing company. Our team will bring know-how to your project from day one. We have expertise in ML, NLP and predictive modeling.


Machine Learning Consulting Services

Machine Learning Consulting Services