IoT Integration

IoT Analytics Integration Services


For the corporation, IoT integration enables collection and analysis of data from sensors on manufacturing equipment, pipelines, weather stations, smart meters, delivery trucks and other types of machinery. IoT analytics applications can help companies understand the IoT data, with an eye toward reducing maintenance costs, avoiding equipment failures and improving business operations.

Value Proposition

We help business organizations combine the right tools, data, and people to take advantage of the big data and IoT data across the enterprise. Our services enable organizations to make better decisions and create value for their businesses.

  • Transform IoT data into actionable information
  • Solve business problems with new insights
  • Discover unknown trends, inefficiencies, wasted resources
  • Build new procedures, revenue streams, and automation services, and incorporate them into the existing processes

Service Offering

By mapping out a business strategy, we help customers get the most out of new technology and business insights to create value.

Cloud Integrations

We build solutions that incorporate all the necessary components so that asset data reaches all necessary touch points, enabling businesses to use their data right away.


We make your data accessible and usable in existing procedures.


We allow customers to manage and scale their IoT solutions into new and current systems.


We help our customers navigate the selection and integration process with:

  • Platform Architecture
  • Vendor Selection

Sample Use Cases

Precision Viticulture

Sensors across the vineyard upload data on such metrics as soil humidity, air humidity, the sunshine, and intensity of the sunshine, temperature, and rainfall to the cloud.

Predictive Intelligence

Manufacturing companies gather, analyze, store and relay data from equipment resulting in cost savings, reduced maintenance costs, lengthened lifespan and more efficient performance for a workload in demanding environments.

Patient Safety

Create efficiency by tracking patient with IoT sensors and location devices in an emergency department, operating room, surgery center or medical clinic for patient safety.


IoT Analytics Integration Services
IoT Analytics Integration Services