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We help business organizations combine the right tools, data, and people to take advantage of the big data flow across their organization. Our services enable organizations to make better decisions and create value for their businesses.

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Many companies still struggle to figure out how to use analytics to take advantage of their data. Achieving competitive advantage with analytics requires resolve and a sustained commitment to changing the role of data in decision making. Companies that are successful with analytics are much more likely to have a strategic plan for analytics, and this plan is usually aligned with the organization’s overall corporate strategy.

Solution Selection

Selecting a Big Data Analytics Solution can be a high-stakes endeavor entailing risks and rewards to all who are involved. Utilization of a formal approach will facilitate a successful outcome to this process. It is our goal to reduce or eliminate inconsistencies in the execution of Solution Selection for Big Data Analytics. NextPhase strives to maintain a proper balance between its independence, the Client’s needs and a good working relationship with Vendors.

Data Management

Clarify your problem before assuming big data technologies will meet your needs. The magic of big data is in the analytics. Make sure your data management platform is able to support the type of analytics your business would like to conduct. Without the proper BI tools to make use of, your data won’t provide useful insight. Identify a business problem to solve, match it with appropriate tools and find and train the right team to support and promote your initiative.

Decision Modeling

Decision modeling is an approach that explicitly defines the decision that will be improved by advanced analytics before beginning the project. By identifying the business problem in this way, organizations can ensure that advanced analytics efforts can be compared and prioritized while creating a shared understanding of the business problem and improving the odds of a successful implementation of the advanced analytics developed.

Advanced Analytics

Advanced analytics is the examination of data or content using sophisticated techniques and tools to discover deeper insights, make predictions, or generate recommendations. Advanced analytic techniques include those such as data/text mining, machine learning, pattern matching, forecasting, visualization, semantic analysis, sentiment analysis, network and cluster analysis, multivariate statistics, graph analysis, simulation, complex event processing, neural networks.

Vendor Packaged Software Implementation

There is no generic framework for estimating the cost of implementation and maintenance of packaged software. Each vendor and implementation partner uses its own proprietary techniques for estimations. NextPhase Systems can work with solution partners for cost estimates and co-manage the implementation on behalf of Clients.

Organizational Transformation

Transforming organizations into proactive entities reduces costs and eliminates duplication and non value-added processes, which is key to improving the bottom line and improving product and/or service delivery at the same time. Transforming the organization refers to any significant change made to an organization such as, restructuring an organization or reengineering an organization and/or there is a significant change in the way business is done.

Benefits Realization

Benefits realization provides organizations with a way to measure how projects and programs add true value to the enterprise. The purpose of benefits realization is to maximize the actual return on investment (ROI) from change, including the realization of intangible or non-financial benefits (such as risk reduction and customer satisfaction).