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Full Life-Cycle Service Offering

Many companies struggle to figure out how to use analytics to take advantage of their data. Achieving competitive advantage with analytics requires resolve and a sustained commitment to changing the role of data in decision making. NextPhase Systems helps customers manage the entire life-cycle for advanced analytics, from strategy to organizational transformation and technical deliveryClick here Read more

Data Strategy

Big data and analytics have climbed to the top of the corporate agenda and it is creating profound new opportunities for businesses.  Companies are challenged though to combine the right people, tools, data and organizational focus to take advantage.  Organizations need strategic – not merely technological – solutions. NextPhase Systems’ expertise help ensures that businesses build the right capabilities to mine data for insights that can enable better decisions and create value. Click here Read more

Data Management

Data management comprises all of the disciplines that help to identify the most critical information within an organization and managing that data as a valuable resource. Big data is a term for data sets that are so large or complex that traditional data processing application software is inadequate to deal with them.  Today’s enterprises demand access to huge volumes of data to meet their complex business analytics needs, so the discipline for management.Click here Read more

Advanced Analytics

NextPhase Systems Advanced Analytics Practice brings innovative solutions to customers.  With an emphasis on predictive analytics, machine learning, and AI, NextPhase Systems provides customers with the ability to move beyond simple reactive operations and into proactive activities that help plan for the future and identify new areas of business. Click here Read more

AI / Machine Learning / Data Science

NextPhase Systems AI and Machine Learning consulting services provide clients with end-to-end project expertise. You don’t have to invest in an extensive in-house data science team to deliver on your advanced analytics business needs. We deliver AI services encompassing the full lifecycle of your project. From specific use case strategy, design, development and model deployment to standard on-demand packaged deployment (automatic machine learning).Read more


NextPhase Systems brings innovative solutions to customers.  With sharp focus on all areas of data – strategy, architecture, management, integration, governance, quality, security, compliance, analytics, machine learning, and AI, NextPhase Systems provides customers with the ability to move beyond simple reactive operations Read More

IoT Integration

The Internet of Things (IoT) is about much more than just smart toasters… For the corporation, it enables collection and analysis of data from sensors on manufacturing equipment, pipelines, weather stations, smart meters, delivery trucks and other types of machinery. IoT analytics applications can help companies understand the IoT data, with an eye toward reducing maintenance costs, avoiding equipment failures and improving business. Click here Read more

Organizational Transformation

Transforming organizations into proactive entities reduces costs and eliminates duplication and non value-added processes, which is key to improving the bottom line and improving product and/or service delivery at the same time. Read More

Technology Partners 

We partner with the most trusted names in the Analytics Industry. As an Analytics solutions provider, NextPhase Systems continuously anticipates technology trends to carefully discern which ones will move our customers forward on their business journeys.We also build and maintain lasting partnerships with the industry’s most respected, future-thinking companies in order to provide solutions that not just meet but rather exceed our customers’ expectations. Click here Read more

Data Architecture Consulting Service Providers